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The delegated women belonging to organizations, communities and rancherías that make up the 'Sütsüin Jiyeyu Wayúu – Wayúu Women Force', urgently call for solidarity among all the indigenous peoples around the world, to Human Rights organizations, and to every actor interested in the defense and protection of indigenous peoples’ rights facing the recent threats to Wayuu leaders participating in the process of denunciations of crimes committed by paramilitaries still operating in La Guajira.

This call is specifically related to the deeds which occurred after twenty-four Wayuu leaders and the 'Sütsüin Jiyeyu Wayúu – Wayúu Women Force' participated in the ‘First Convention of Victims Belonging to Social Organizations’ in Bogota (Colombia) between the 26th and the 28th of July, 2007.


At 11 pm, on Sunday the 29th of July, after having left the convention, LINEY CECILIA OSPINA BOSCÁN, leader of Cabildo Nouna of Campamento, received a call from a man with an inland accent who aggressively threatened her in reference to her participation in the ‘Convention of Victims Belonging to Social Organizations’.
On Monday the 30th of July, in the community of Weipiapa, a house inhabited by refugees of the higher San Jorge River was burned—possibly intended to ignite a larger fire. The conflagration was started by two known individuals who fled on a motorcycle in the direction of El Mingueo, a town within the municipality of Dibulla (La Guajira, Colombia). ARELIS BEATRIZ OJEDA JAYARIYU, a leader who participated in the mentioned convention as part of 'Sütsüin Jiyeyu Wayúu – Wayúu Women Force,' has repeatedly denounced the refugees’ situation in this community and the fire might have been and act of retaliation.
Other alleged threats have been received by DERIS PAZ DAZA after her trip to Bogotá. She is a leader of a community near Maicao (La Guajira, Colombia) and an active part of the indigenous process. Additionally, she was the spokesperson of 'Sütsüin Jiyeyu Wayúu – Wayúu Women Force' in the mentioned event.
These are part of a longer list of threats received by leaders of the organization. In particular, KARMEN RAMÍREZ BOSCÁN, who has played an important role in documenting and denouncing crimes committed by paramilitaries and other armed groups (mainly in Middle Guajira), has been repeatedly harassed.
As another example, LEONOR VILORIA, a leader close to 'Sütsüin Jiyeyu Wayúu – Wayúu Women Force,' who has advanced the process of land recuperation in the community of Kueletamamo (between Riohacha and Santa Marta, Colombia), has received death threats in order to coerce her into abandoning the idea of organizing the community.
It is important to note that threats against Wayuu leaders participating in the process of the 'Sütsüin Jiyeyu Wayúu – Wayúu Women Force' are not isolated events, as terrorizing has increased since the stifling of victims and survivors of crimes has become visible for national and international institutions. 'Sütsüin Jiyeyu Wayúu – Wayúu Women Force' has come to know that the emergent criminal band known as ‘Aguilas Negras’ (Black Eagles) have black-listed several Wayuu leaders in order to carry out a ‘social cleansing’ meant to shut up the denouncements from victims and survivors.

Related to the reported deeds, we demand:

Immediate and negotiated actions to protect Wayuu communities, its leaders, and organizations affected by threats previously related.
Investigations conducted by the national government that could lead to the prosecution, arrest, and punishment of the intellectual and material authors of all threats and crimes against Wayuu communities, leaders, and organizations.

In addition, we encourage all Human Rights organizations and other national and international sectors to keep up their support in denouncing crimes in order to reinstitute victims’ and survivors’ dignity and to consolidate movements within our territory.

Woumain, Maikou, Wajira,
[Maicao (La Guajira)], August the 2nd, 2007


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